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vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Cambodia: A Delightful Month Past full of Rewards

Dear Friends:

The Last few weeks have been very rewarding since I have received recognition directly and indirectly for my work with the Indians of North and South America.


The Office of Faculty Development is pleased to announce that the audio of the SPAHP Distinguished Lecture  presented by Dr. Shaheb is available online at the url below:

 I visited Cambodia in the company of Dr Keuky, President of Cambodian Diabetes Association to which I am an International Consultant. Also present in our group for part or most of the time were:

Dar Buena Suerte Goodman RN , Outpatient nurse Director from the Yakama Tribe Indian Health Services Clinic in Washington State, USA

Mitexi Rosette Stabler and Maria lopez,both graduating doctoral students in Occupational Therapy at the Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska USA

Ron Raab, President of Insulin for life, a humanitarian aid organization based in Mebourne, Australia.

We did  teaching sessions and saw patients in various parts of the country. Mitexi was able to film some of the teaching sessions and they have been uploaded to youtube.

If you go to and type in Diabetes Cambodia you will get access to the 11 or so videoclips. It is in English and Khmer so it will be helpful to Khmer speaking patients. The teaching is done at the level of patients and peer to peer educators, so some people in the developed countries may find it too basic. But it is geared for Cambodia.

While I was in Cambodia, I gave a talk during the 5th Annual Diabetes Day at the Health Sciences University in Phnom Penh. Mitexi may upload the video of the lecture to youtube later. I met some delightful and dedicated people during that day, Maurits from MoPoTsyo NGO dedicated to Peer to Peer education; Dr Issakidis from Medicines sans Frontieres, who might stay on in Cambodia after MSF leaves Cambodia and Dr Jim LeGerfo , a wonderful doctor with years of cross cultural experience from the University of Washington in Seattle.

I will upload some of my thoughts on Diabetes and Cambodia on my blog


There were numerous Cambodians who made our stay welcoming and fruitful: first and foremost Dr Keuky, the indefatigable President of the Cambodian Diabetes Federation; Drs Touch Khun and Sopharin, along with Theavy who belong to the CDA, Dr Cham Seam of the Kratie Province, Dr Witchouk from Mongkol Borei Hospital. Thanks also due to Miss MunChing Yong of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who played host to all of us at her home in KL and to Ko Maung Maung owner of Mandalay Inn ( in Siem Reap who was a gracious host to us all.


While I was visiting the HoCank tribe of Indians in NE Nebraska, I was interviewed for a video presentation the Transcendental Meditation University in Fairfield, Iowa is doing to assist the Indians incorporate Meditation as a form of complementary therapy for their high rates of Diabetes and Heart Disease.

I thank my dear friend Sandra in Melbourne for a wonderful time together in Melbourne, Australia and the pleasure of meeting MiHuSa there ..