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mercredi 2 janvier 2008

Meilleurs voeux de Merida 1 Jan 2008

It is the first of the year, in the morning at a nice hotel in Merida, Mexico, after a satisfying breakfast.
It is a good time to think of dear friends, scattered far and wide, and as a testament I am sending this to you, to let you know I was thinking about you on this wonderful morning. It is midnight in Hanoi, way past midnight in Singapore, it is approaching midnight in Rangoon and Siem Reap, people in Bangalore and Cochin are preparing for bed.. the french are getting ready for another night of jolie, in Miami my sister is getting the lunch ready for many who would come to the house, in australia, there is custom among some to drink champagne on the afternoon of the 1st, and they would be deeply asleep in a bubbly dream, my hocank and kickapoo sisters would be busy with their chores at home, my brothers and sister in the western part of the united states, will be getting ready for their morning, heady with the new years day.
I heard that in Hanoi, someone or other is preparing tea for me.. I am impatient to return to HoChiMinh City where they adore Cubans..
A table set for me in Malacca for a genial breakfast
in Cochin, the jolly chef is preparing his Idlis..
My colleagues in the UmonHon country, friends for a lifetime, are as busy as ever, on this day, tuesday, 1st of the year 2008, another holiday and another few hours more with the families. One of the UmonHon would soon come with me to Siem Reap, where my dear friends are waiting with freshly cooked Burmese curries and a patient is waiting for me to bring some medications..
The hills of Haifa are always alive in my heart, let schmulik take me to Osfiya for some druze food..As Sefardi Jews from Arab countries say: May Allah bring you Mazeltov..

I am content to think of the people who have entered my life, have unselfishly contributed to it, make it a pleasure to see them and spend a few minutes or hours with them.. new friends from Warszawa, Lublajna, and memories of Brasil and Argentina..

La Habana, Cuba is never far from my mind, my dearest friends of years and new delightful friends who light up my life. Cuba is the recurring gift in my life, never distant in my heart and always giving. Like Australia, Cuba has become HOME to me, I consider I am part of the past and present and future of Cuba.

In the canvas of my mind, each of the faces rotate through, in slow motion, allowing me enough time to recollect the sweet moments together.

Like I have learned to say recently, Bonne Annee et meilleurs voeux pour 2008!