mardi 18 septembre 2007

Living in more than two places

trying to live in more than one place, takes a little bit of planning..what shall I travel with? where shall I leave my toiletries? you begin to accumulate more than one of everything, so that you dont have to travel with clothes or accessories. just get on the plane, get off and at your destination, clothes and your own goods are waiting for you.
I have dispersed my clothes and books among other places: Baracoa, la Habana, Miami, Walthill, Paris, Yangon and Bangalore. so it was good to arrive in Yangon from a long trip from Paris, with just hand luggage.. of course in the Fast Eastern Countries, if something is missing, you can easily replenish them.. thank god no need to carry films and other acoutrements for photography.. nowadays carry on luggage is computer and some accessories, a multichannel plug, one change of clothes.. viola..